Decentralized Content Creation and Distribution — A Deep Dive

  • Introduction
  • Censorship
  • Applications of Censorship
  • Internet 🤝 Censorship
  • Web3 and medicine of decentralization
  • Tools of expression:
    - Creaton: A Web3 Patreon
    - Mirror: The Essential Web3 Toolkit
    - Darkblock: A creator economy booster
    - A streaming platform that supports!
    - Wordcel: A writer’s friend
  • References



Applications of censorship

  1. Monarchy:

Internet 🤝 Censorship

Web3 and medicine of Decentralization

Tools of expression

Creaton — A subscription-based content sharing platform

  1. NFT is essentially an acronym for Non-fungible Tokens — which means unlike other tokens such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, each unit is unique.
  2. Creators own the NFTs. Every piece of content a creator shares is minted as an NFT. When subscribers look at it, they can’t simply download it.

The Product Teardown 🧩

  1. On-boarding and Sign-Up
  2. Subscriptions

Onboarding and Sign-Up

  • Set your email and password.
  • Use social logins — Login with Google or Login with Facebook.
  • Metamask: Follow this easy guide to set yourself up with a brand new crypto wallet

Onboarding as a creator


  1. Superfluid is a new token standard, with the power to describe cashflows and execute them automatically on-chain over time in a non-interactive way.
  2. Superfluid flows are programmable, composable, and modular.
  3. All flows are settled at the same time, based on block timestamps.

The Product Teardown 🧩

  1. Content
  2. Funding
  3. NFTs




  • Create a Darkblock
  • Monetize your NFTs
  • Display


Wordcel: A writer’s friend

  • Flixxo: It is a community-based video distribution platform based on decentralization.
  • Privi: It is a collection of decentralized apps that aims to take the power away from the elites, and distribute it to the world.
  • It is a music streaming platform that connects artists directly with their listeners. Artists can create their content and own it.



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